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  • Almeida, F. A., Smith-Ray, R. L., Dzewaltowski, D. A., Glasgow, R. E., Lee, R. E., Thomas, D., Xu, S., & Estabrooks, P. A. (2019). An Interactive Computer Session to Initiate Physical Activity in Sedentary Cardiac Patients: Randomized Controlled Trial.. J Med Internet Res. 17(8), e206-e206.
  • McKinley, C. C., Thomas, D. J., LeVay, L. J., & Rolewicz, Z. (2019). Nd isotopic structure of the Pacific Ocean 40-10 Ma, and evidence for the reorganization of deep North Pacific Ocean circulation between 36 and 25 Ma. EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS. 521, 139-149.
  • Kender, S., Bogus, K. A., Cobb, T. D., & Thomas, D. J. (2018). Neodymium Evidence for Increased Circumpolar Deep Water Flow to the North Pacific During the Middle Miocene Climate Transition. PALEOCEANOGRAPHY AND PALEOCLIMATOLOGY. 33(7), 672-682.
  • Roark, A., Flake, R., Grossman, E. L., Olszewski, T., Lebold, J., Thomas, D., ... Yancey, T. (2017). Brachiopod geochemical records from across the Carboniferous seas of North America: Evidence for salinity gradients, stratification, and circulation patterns. PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY. 485, 136-153.
  • Dameron, S. N., Leckie, R. M., Clark, K., MacLeod, K. G., Thomas, D. J., & Lees, J. A. (2017). Extinction, dissolution, and possible ocean acidification prior to the Cretaceous/Paleogene (K/Pg) boundary in the tropical Pacific. PALAEOGEOGRAPHY PALAEOCLIMATOLOGY PALAEOECOLOGY. 485, 433-454.
  • Thomas, D. (2014). The Geographical Dimensions of Terrorism. Cutter, S. L., Richardson, D. B., & Wilbanks, T. J. (Eds.), The Geographical Dimensions of Terrorism. 9-15. Taylor & Francis.
Conference Papers4
  • Woodard, S. C., Thomas, D. J., Grossman, E., Olszewski, T., Yancey, T., Raymond, A., & Miller, B. V. (2010). Nd isotopes as indicator of glacio-eustasy, mid-Carboniferous boundary Arrow Canyon, NV. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 74(12), A1140-A1140.
  • Woodard, S. C., & Thomas, D. J. (2009). Is it eolian dust? Contributions to the fine silicate fraction of deep sea sediments on Shatsky Rise, 58Ma. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 73(13), A1452-A1452.
  • Gleason, J. D., Thomas, D. J., Moore, T., Blum, J. D., Owen, R. M., & Haley, B. A. (2008). Early to middle Eocene Arctic paleoceanography from Nd-Sr isotope study of fossil fish debris, Lomonosov Ridge. GEOCHIMICA ET COSMOCHIMICA ACTA. 72(12), A314-A314.
  • Thomas, D. J. (2005). Reconstructing ancient deep-sea circulation patterns using the Nd isotopic composition of fossil fish debris. ISOTOPIC AND ELEMENTAL TRACERS OF CENOZOIC CLIMATE CHANGE. 395, 1-11.
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