About Scholars@TAMU

Scholars@TAMU is a profile system that hosts searchable expertise for faculty and TAMU organizations by gathering data from institution-level/enterprise systems, publicly available research data (e.g., grants and publications), and other authoritative sources. The data is compiled into a profile that you can edit to best represent your scholarship and expertise. This system helps to:

  • Improve the discoverability of scholarly expertise,
  • Enhance the scholarly identity of researchers and
  • Facilitate new research collaborations.

Information Sheets

Current System Features

  1. Email Notification for Faculty with unclaimed publications: Email service for faculty with unclaimed publications has been started in February 2018
  2. Assign Delegate for Departments: Departments can assign delegates to update faculty profiles
  3. Data Re-Use:
    • Application Programming Interface (API). The Scholars@TAMU team is now working with Colleges, Departments and Centers to dynamically provide current and accurate data via the API, facilitating the re-use of data for websites (e.g., Energy Institute, Department of Biochemistry & Biophysics), institutional reports, and Interfolio Faculty180.
    • Embed script. Faculty and web developers will have the capability to copy and paste script from Scholars@TAMU to embed a list of selected publications to their web pages. Faculty can dynamically edit their selected publications list within the Scholars@TAMU editor.
    • Single Page Bio and Profile Summary. Users will have access to export and print a one-page bio, which includes their photo and profile overview that can be used for speaker introductions and publication bios.
    • Export Search results. Results from the Scholars@TAMU search can now be exported in csv format that can be used in creating reports, analyses, and pre-populate forms.
  4. Integration with External Systems:
    • Altmetric and Dimensions badges are available on Scholars@TAMU profiles
    • Institutional repository document metadata are harvested from OAKTrust (TAMU) and Digital Commons (Law School), allowing faculty to include a range of documents in their profile.

New to Scholars@TAMU?

Manage Your Profile

Faculty profiles are generated using a variety of data sources. We have worked to create the first version of your profile and continue to explore additional data sources to enhance your profile. We request your participation to update your profile and improve its accuracy.

Explore Scholars@TAMU

  • Search by keywords to identify potential collaborators
  • Find scholars by  name
  • Browse  organizations 
  • Discover teaching and  research areas

Search Tips

  • Searches are not case-sensitive
  • Type keywords using AND or OR logic (AND or OR must be capitalized)
    • eg., nutrition AND protein
    • eg., nutrition OR protein
  • Type your phrase with double quotation marks
    • eg., "glucose absorption"
    • eg., "glucose absorption" AND nutrition
  • Use wildcard * character to search variations
    • eg., bio*

About the Project

Scholars@TAMU is a system provided by the  Texas A&M University Libraries. It is an implementation of the open-source  VIVO networking tool. If you have further questions, please see our  FAQ or  contact the team.

The Team

  • Dr. Dong Joon Lee, Research Information Management Systems Specialist
  • Ethel Mejia, Data Analyst
  • Doug Hahn, Interim Associate University Librarian for Information Access, Discovery, and Stewardship