Surface-water Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Environmental Quality and Water Resources. Principal research topics have encompassed: 1. Watershed modeling, 2. Erosion and Sediment Transport in Upland Watersheds, 3. Streamflow Forecasting, 4. Dam Break Analysis, 5. Entropy-Based Modeling, 6. Network Design, 7. Groundwater Modeling, and 8. Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change.

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  • Singh, V. P. (2015). Outsourcing of corruption: India's counterdevelopment. Global Frontiers of Social Development in Theory and Practice: Climate, Economy, and Justice. (pp. 209-222). Palgrave Macmillan US.
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  • Singh, V. P., Mishra, A. K., Chowdhary, H., & Prakash Khedun, C. (2014). Climate change and its impact on water resources. Modern Water Resources Engineering. (pp. 525-569). Humana Press.
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  • Talatahari, S., Singh, V. P., & Hassanzadeh, Y. (2013). Ant Colony Optimization for Estimating Parameters of Flood Frequency Distributions. Metaheuristics in Water, Geotechnical and Transport Engineering. (pp. 121-146). Elsevier.
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  • Uddameri, V., & Singh, V. P. (2012). The US experience on water supply and sanitation: The interaction between public policy and management. Water and Sanitation Services: Public Policy and Management. (pp. 261-274). Routledge.
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  • Mondal, N. C., Sankaran, S., & Singh, V. P. (2011). Estimating natural recharge in granitic terrain: An entropy approach. Advances in Geosciences: Volume 23: Hydrological Science (HS). (pp. 197-209). World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd..
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