Surface-water Hydrology, Groundwater Hydrology, Hydraulics, Irrigation Engineering, Environmental Quality and Water Resources. Principal research topics have encompassed: 1. Watershed modeling, 2. Erosion and Sediment Transport in Upland Watersheds, 3. Streamflow Forecasting, 4. Dam Break Analysis, 5. Entropy-Based Modeling, 6. Network Design, 7. Groundwater Modeling, and 8. Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change.

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Academic Articles971
  • Shang, X., Wang, D., Singh, V. P., Wang, Y., Wu, J., Liu, J., Zou, Y., & He, R. (2021). Effect of Uncertainty in Historical Data on Flood Frequency Analysis Using Bayesian Method. JOURNAL OF HYDROLOGIC ENGINEERING. 26(4), 04021011-04021011.
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  • Wu, H., Su, X., Singh, V. P., Feng, K., & Niu, J. (2021). Agricultural Drought Prediction Based on Conditional Distributions of Vine Copulas. WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH. 57(8),
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Conference Papers65
  • Singh, M. K., Singh, R. K., & Singh, V. P. (2018). Three-Dimensional Solute Transport Problems in an Aquifer: Numerical Approaches. Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering. (204369), 525-534.
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Institutional Repository Documents5
  • Pruski, F. F., Rodriguez, R., & Singh, V. P. (2016). Cistern Project for Domestic Water use in Semi-Arid Regions.
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  • Afzalimehr, H., Dehghani, A. A., Pourhosein, M., & Singh, V. P. (2015). Evaluation of Bed Load in a Gravel-Bed River.
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  • Afzalimehr, H., Mohammadzade, N., & Singh, V. P. (2015). Experimental Investigation of Influence of Vegetation on Flow Turbulence.
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  • Afzalimehr, H., Azareh, S., Poorhosein, M., Singh, V. P., & Sui, J. (2014). Empirical Bed Load Transport Equations.
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  • da Silva, V., Borges, C., Farias, C., Singh, V. P., Albuquerque, W. G., & da Silva, B. B. (2012). Water requirements and single and dual crop coefficients of sugarcane grown in a tropical region, Brazil. Agricultural Sciences.
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