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  • Wilcox, B. P., Bruijnzeel, S., & Asbjornsen, H. (2017). The pace of change on tropical landscapes. OCEANS 2011. 98(3), 11-12.
  • Wilcox, B. P., & Seyfried, M. S. (2010). Ecohydrologists ponder the implications of a rapidly changing planet. OCEANS 2011. 91(12), 112.
  • Huxman, T. E., Wilcox, B. P., Breshears, D. D., Scott, R. L., Snyder, K. A., Small, E. E., ... Jackson, R. B. (2005). Ecohydrological implications of woody plant encroachment. ECOLOGY. 86(2), 308-319.
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  • Wilcox, B. P., & Newman, B. D. (2005). Ecohydrology of semiarid landscapes. ECOLOGY. 86(2), 275-276.
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  • Huang, Y., & Wilcox, B. P. (2005). How karst features affect recharge? Implication for estimating recharge to the Edwards aquifer. Geotechnical Special Publication. (144), 201-206.
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