My research interest focuses on exploring the applicability of psychology and marketing principles in the context of leisure services. Pursuant to this interest, my research is concentrated on predicting tourists' and recreationists' repurchase behaviors by better understanding their perceived value, satisfaction, perceptions of quality and loyalty. Other research areas include the analysis of Jimmy Buffett fans' behaviors and advertising effectiveness.

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  • Choo, H., Petrick, J. F., & Park, D. (2021). Predictive validity of unidimensional and multidimensional measures of involvement in the tourism research. Current Issues in Tourism. 1-16.
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  • Zou, S. S., & Petrick, J. F. (2021). Left-Digit Effect in Tourists Price Evaluations: The Moderating Role of Price Level and Composite Price. Journal of Travel Research. 60(8), 1654-1666.
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  • Petrick, J. F., Markert, C., & Sasangohar, F. (2021). Stress for Success: Potential Benefits of Perceived and Actual Stress While Cruising. Journal of Travel Research. 60(8), 1787-1801.
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  • Huang, Y., & Petrick, J. F. (2010). Generation Y's Travel Behaviours: a Comparison with Baby Boomers and Generation X. TOURISM AND GENERATION Y. 27-37.
  • Petrick, J. F., & Li, X. R. (2006). What drives cruise passengers' perceptions of value?. Cruise ship tourism. 63-73. CABI.
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  • Li, X. R., Cheng, C., Kim, H., & Petrick, J. F. (2008). A systematic comparison of first-time and repeat visitors via a two-phase online survey. Tourism Management. 29(2), 278-293.
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