Dr. Haynes Davison's research interests and expertise include: critical and inclusive pedagogy, critical race theory and intersectionality scholarship (i.e., critical race theory, critical race feminism, and intersectionality), and Black women in higher education.

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  • Haynes, C., & Cobb, F. (2022). I write you from the Sunken Place. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 35(4), 425-437.
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  • Joseph, N. M., Haynes, C., & Patton, L. D. (2021). The Politics of Publishing: A National Conversation With Scholars Who Use Their Research About Black Women to Address Intersectionality. Educational Researcher. 50(2), 115-126.
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  • Haynes, C., Joseph, N. M., Patton, L. D., Stewart, S., & Allen, E. L. (2020). Toward an Understanding of Intersectionality Methodology: A 30-Year Literature Synthesis of Black Women’s Experiences in Higher Education. Review of Educational Research. 90(6), 751-787.
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  • Mobley, S. D., Taylor, L. D., & Haynes, C. (2020). (Un)seen work: the pedagogical experiences of black queer men in faculty roles. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education. 33(6), 604-620.
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  • Haynes, C., & Bazner, K. J. (2021). A message for faculty from the present-day movement for black lives. Black Liberation in Higher Education. 80-95. Routledge.
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  • Stewart, S., & Haynes, C. (2021). Black Liberation research: qualitative methodological considerations. Black Liberation in Higher Education. 117-123. Routledge.
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  • Haynes, C., Castillo-Montoya, M., Hailu, M. F., & Stewart, S. (2021). Introduction. Black Liberation in Higher Education. 1-5. Routledge.
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