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  • Syracuse, A. J., Johnson, C. S., Eisenback, J. D., Nessler, C. L., & Smith, E. P. (2004). Intraspecific Variability within Globodera tabacum solanacearum Using Random Amplified Polymorphic DNA.. J Nematol. 36(4), 433-439.
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  • (2004). Camptothecin, over four decades of surprising findings.. Phytochemistry. 65(20), 2735-2749.
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  • Lorence, A., & Nessler, C. L. (2007). Pathway Engineering of the Plant Vitamin C Metabolic Network. Applications of Plant Metabolic Engineering. 197-217. Springer Netherlands.
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Conference Papers16
  • Veilleux, R. E., Oosumi, T., Wadl, P. A., Baxter, A. J., Holt, S. H., Ruiz-Rojas, J. J., ... Shulaev, V. (2012). INSERTIONAL MUTAGENESIS IN THE DIPLOID STRAWBERRY (FRAGARIA VESCA). Acta Horticulturae. 941(941), 49-54.
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  • Nessler, C. L., Lorence, A., Chevone, B., & Mendes, P. (2005). The vitamin C network - New branches in plant biochemistry. IN VITRO CELLULAR & DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY-ANIMAL. 41, 18A-18A.
  • Li, T. Y., Harris, M., Nessler, C., Gould, J., & Smith, W. (1999). Oviposition, growth, and development of sweet potato whitefly, Bemesia tabaci (GENN) (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) on transgenic tobacco. Proceedings of the 1999 Beltwide Cotton Conference, January, 1999, Orlando, Florida, USA. 446.
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