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Dr. Heather Clark served as led the evaluation of the Center for Community Health Development while it was a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention funded Prevention Research Center, and spent a decade evaluating community capacity building efforts, assisting in conducting community health assessments, designing evaluations for community-based partnerships and public health programs, and served as evaluator and co-investigator on a variety of other research and contract projects. Her research interests include program evaluation, community organizing and capacity building, and the evaluation of community based partnerships, specifically the use of interorganizational network analysis to examine growth in the partnerships. She serves as Co-Principal Investigator on two state-wide evaluation projects and have been a co-investigator on numerous supplemental grants and contracts, including assessment, evaluation, and other public health projects.

selected publications
Academic Articles10
  • Stasi, S. M., Spengler, J. O., Maddock, J., McKyer, L., & Clark, H. (2020). Shared-Use Decisions Among Administrators of Physical Activity Facilities in Pasadena, TX.. Health Promot Pract. 21(6), 926-933.
  • Stasi, S., Spengler, J., Maddock, J., McKyer, L., & Clark, H. (2019). Increasing Access to Physical Activity Within Low Income and Diverse Communities: A Systematic Review.. Am J Health Promot. 33(6), 933-940.
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  • Honeycutt, S., Leeman, J., McCarthy, W. J., Bastani, R., Carter-Edwards, L., Clark, H., ... Kegler, M (2015). Evaluating Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change Interventions: Lessons Learned From CDC's Prevention Research Centers.. Prev Chronic Dis. 12(10), E174.
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  • Garney, W. R., Beaudoin, C. E., Clark, H. R., Drake, K. N., Wendel, M. L., McLeroy, K. R., ... Shaw, R. L (2015). Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Disseminate a Mass Media Campaign Into Rural Communities.. J Health Commun. 20(7), 799-806.
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  • Clark, H. R., Ramirez, A., Drake, K. N., Beaudoin, C. E., Garney, W. R., Wendel, M. L., ... Player, H. D. (2014). Utilization of an Interorganizational Network Analysis to Evaluate the Development of Community Capacity Among a CommunityAcademic Partnership. Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action. 8(1), 7-8.
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  • Pennel, C., Clark, H., & Rahn, R. (2015). Rural Health Education and Community-based Programs. Bolin, J. N., Bellamy, G., Ferdinand, A. O., Kash, B., & Helduser, J. W. (Eds.), RURAL HEALTHY PEOPLE 2020, Volume 2. 15-28. Texas A&M Health Science Center School of Public Health, Southwest Rural Health Research Center.
  • Wendel, M. L., Alaniz, A., Kelly, B. N., Clark, H. R., Drake, K. N., Outley, C. W., ... Burdine, J. N. (2012). Capacity Building in Rural Communities. Crosby, R. A., Wendel, M. L., Vanderpool, R. C., & Casey, B. R. (Eds.), Rural Populations and Health Determinants, Disparities, and Solutions. 215-234. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
  • Burdine, J. N., Clark, H. R., Shea, L. J., Appiah, B., & Hollas, C. N. (2012). Health assessment in rural communities: a critical organizing and capacity-building tool. Crosby, R. A., Wendel, M. L., Vanderpool, R. C., & Casey, B. R. (Eds.), Rural Populations and Health Determinants, Disparities, and Solutions. 171-190. JOhn Wiley & Sons.
  • Clark, H., St. John, J. A., Stephenson, M. T., Johns, M., & Berkowitz, J. (2011). Implementing A second-hand smoke intervention in two Texas colonias: The case of Sabemos: Por respeto, no se fuma aqui.. Brann, M. (Eds.), Contemporary Case Studies in Health Communication Theoretical & Applied Approaches. 166-184. Kendall Hunt Publishing.
Conference Papers1
  • Matarrita-Cascante, D., Edwards, M., Outley, C. W., Clark, H. R., & Wu, Y. (2014). The Role of Community Nurture in Adolescent Interest in College Attendance. Journal of Adolescent Health. 54(2), S20-S20.
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