Informed by my vision for scholarship, the overarching theme/goal of my research is promoting individual, organizational and national development through culture-sensitive and evidence-based research. Within this theme, I have examined critical human resource development (HRD) issues in five interacting dimensions from three perspectives: culture, learning, and change: national & cross-cultural HRD, workplace learning, crisis management, workplace incivility, and career/family issues. First, guided by the cultural perspective, I examine policies/practices related to training and developing human resources in cultural contexts (National and Cross-Cultural HRD). Second, guided by the learning perspective, I examine how learning-based interventions contribute to individual and organizational development (Workplace Learning). Third, guided by the change perspective, I examine strategies that help individuals and organizations cope with crisis events (Crisis Management). Fourth, guided by the cultural perspective (particularly at the organizational level), I examine the impact of the work climate and uncivil behaviors on individuals and organizations (Workplace Incivility). Finally, guided by the cultural perspective, I examine issues that influence individual career experiences and work-family integration in national/organizational contexts.

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  • Kim, S., Kwon, K., & Wang, J. (2022). Impacts of job control on overtime and stress: cases in the United States and South Korea. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT. 33(7), 1352-1376.
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  • Oh, J., Shirmohammadi, M., Jeong, S., & Wang, J. (2021). Leaving the military to work in civilian society: career adaptability by South Korean short- and mid-term veterans. CAREER DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL. 26(3), 415-434.
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Conference Papers1
  • Nagarathnam, B., & Wang, J. (2017). Developing next generation distribution managers through competency development. 2017 International Annual Conference of the American Society for Engineering Management, ASEM 2017.
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