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Received my bachelor's in chemistry from the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 1988. After graduation I worked as a research chemist at Monsanto Chemical Company in the areas of thin films, sensors, and optical coatings and then as an environmental chemist at the University of Missouri-Columbia. After working more than a decade in the areas of materials science, analytical chemistry, and environmental health & safety; I earned a master's in library science and pursued science & engineering librarianship. Before joining Texas A&M University, I served as the subject liaison to several science and engineering departments at both Texas Tech University and Missouri University of Science & Technology (MS&T). While at MS&T, I also served as the Government Documents Librarian supporting geographic information systems (GIS) and maps. This led to an additional master's in Geographic Information Science and research into the geospatial aspects of scholarship.

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Academic Articles17
  • Stephens, J., Hubbard, D. E., Neville, B. D., & Melgoza, P (2021). Student Use of Librarian Expertise during Design Competitions: A Study of Efficacy and Resource Use. PORTAL-LIBRARIES AND THE ACADEMY. 21(2), 339-363.
  • Hubbard, D. E., & Vaaler, A. (2021). An exploratory study of library science journal articles in syllabi. JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP. 47(1), 102261-102261.
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  • Hubbard, D. E., & Laddusaw, S. (2020). Acknowledgment of Libraries in the Journal Literature: An Exploratory Study. JOURNAL OF DATA AND INFORMATION SCIENCE. 5(3), 178-186.
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  • Phillips, M., Howard, H., Vaaler, A., & Hubbard, D. E. (2019). Mapping industry standards and integration opportunities in business management curricula. JOURNAL OF BUSINESS & FINANCE LIBRARIANSHIP. 24(1-2), 17-29.
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  • Bales, S., Hubbard, D. E., vanDuinkerken, W., Sare, L., & Olivarez, J. (2019). The use of departmental journal lists in promotion and tenure decisions at American research universities. JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP. 45(2), 153-161.
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  • Hubbard, D. E., Lang, A., Reed, K., Shrout, A., & Troyer, L. (2014). Isis: Mapping the Geospatial and Topical Distribution of a History of Science Journal. Börner, K., & Polley, T. (Eds.), Visual Insights: A Practical Guide to Making Sense of Data.
Conference Papers4
  • Hubbard, D. E (2021). Using an Entitymetric Approach to Trace Novel Chemical Compounds for Research Impact. 18TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON SCIENTOMETRICS & INFORMETRICS (ISSI2021). 1487-1488.
  • Hubbard, D. E. (2018). Chemical pricing information for student design projects and cost engineering: Challenges and opportunities. ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings. 2018-June,
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  • Hubbard, D. E. (2015). A Local and Multi-Institutional Study of Open Access Engineering Publishing. Annual ASEE Conference Proceedings, Seattle, Washington June 14-17, 2015, Annual ASEE Conference. 1-13.
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  • Hubbard, D. E (2010). Analysis of ASEE-ELD conference proceedings: 2000-2009. Annual ASEE Conference Proceedings, Louisville, Kentucky June 20-23, 2010, 2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. 1-14.
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  • Hubbard, D. E., & Laddusaw, S (2019). Representation of Libraries in Funding Acknowledgments.
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