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I estimate genome size for sequencing projects for a very wide range of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants..

I work on genome size evolution, & genomics.

My other areas of research include cytological, ecological and population genetics of arthropods.

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  • Johnston, J. S., Bernardini, A., & Hjelmen, C. E. (2019). Genome Size Estimation and Quantitative Cytogenetics in Insects. Brown, S. J., & Pfrender, M. E. (Eds.), Insect Genomics: Methods and Protocols. (pp. 15-26). Springer New York.
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  • Chavez-Galarza, J., Henriques, D., Johnston, J. S., Azevedo, J., Munoz, I., De la Rua, P., ... Pinto, M. A. (2012). Detection of loci under selection in Apis mellifera iberiensis as compared with two frequentist methods. IV Jornadas Nacionais de Genética e Biotecnologia. (pp. 78-80). UTAD.
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