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My research interests focus on the management of healthcare operations, including patient flow, capacity planning and management, demand forecasting, nurse staffing and scheduling.

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  • Bretthauer, K. M., & Côté, M. J. (2017). A model for planning resource requirements in health care organizations. Decision Science. (pp. 149-176).
  • Radcliff, T. A., West, D. R., James, K., & Côté, M. J. (2013). Regression and data envelopment analysis methods to assess practice efficiency. Econometrics: New Research. (pp. 121-134).
  • Radcliff, T. A., West, D. R., James, K., & Cote, M. J. (2012). Regression and Data Envelopment Analysis Methods to Assess Practice Efficiency. Mendez, S. A., & Vega, A. M. (Eds.), Econometrics: New Research. (pp. 121-134). Nova Publishers.
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  • Lim, G. J., Mobasher, A., Kardar, L., & Cote, M. J. (2012). Nurse Scheduling. Handbook of Healthcare System Scheduling. (pp. 31-64). Springer Us.
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