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Academic Articles5
  • Sharma, S., Kang, D. H., de Oca, J., & Mudgal, A. (2021). Machine learning methods for commercial vehicle wait time prediction at a border crossing. RESEARCH IN TRANSPORTATION ECONOMICS. 89, 101034-101034.
  • Park, E. S., Sullivan, D. W., Kang, D. H., Ying, Q. i., & Spiegelman, C. H. (2020). Assessment of mobile source contributions in El Paso by PMF receptor modeling coupled with wind direction analysis.. Sci Total Environ. 720, 137527-137527.
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  • Bae, D. S., Damnjanoic, I., & Kang, D. H. (2019). PPP Renegotiation Framework based on Equivalent NPV Constraint in the Case of BOT Project: Incheon Airport Highway, South Korea. KSCE JOURNAL OF CIVIL ENGINEERING. 23(4), 1473-1483.
  • Kruse, C. J., Mitchell, K. N., DiJoseph, P. K., Kang, D. H., Schrank, D. L., & Eisele, W. L. (2018). Developing and Implementing a Port Fluidity Performance Measurement Methodology using Automatic Identification System Data. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD. 2672(11), 30-40.
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  • Carlson, P. J., Park, E. S., & Kang, D. H. (2013). Investigation of Longitudinal Pavement Marking Retroreflectivity and Safety. TRANSPORTATION RESEARCH RECORD. 2337(2337), 59-66.
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Conference Papers1
  • Kang, D. H., & Garcia-Diaz, A (2004). Multi-commodity flow estimation in transportation networks with partial counts on selected links. IIE Annual Conference and Exhibition 2004. 361-366.
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