Dr. Ferris' research interests are in Human Factors and Cognitive Ergonomics, and can be described as the study of cognition in human-machine engineered systems. His primary focus involves human information processing and design to support attention and interruption management. In particular, he investigates novel interface design techniques, employing alternative display modalities such as the sense of touch. Other research interests include human error, decision making under time pressure, and human-automation interaction. He has interest and experience in applying his research to the domains of medicine (anesthesiology), military operations (command and control, UV control and operations), aviation (cockpit automation, air traffic control), and ground transportation.

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  • Ferris, T., Sarter, N., & Wickens, C. D. (2010). Cockpit Automation. Still Struggling to Catch Up. Human Factors in Aviation. (pp. 479-503). Elsevier.
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