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  • Powell-Palm, M. J., & Rubinsky, B. (2023). Letter to the editor: Response to isochoric freezing: Ambitions and reality. Journal of Food Engineering. 349, 111461-111461.
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  • Criswell, T., Swart, C., Stoudemire, J., Brockbank, K., Powell-Palm, M., Stilwell, R., & Floren, M. (2022). Freezing Biological Time: A Modern Perspective on Organ Preservation.. Stem Cells Transl Med. szac083.
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  • Bilbao-Sainz, C., Chiou, B., Takeoka, G., Williams, T., Wood, D., Powell-Palm, M. J., ... McHugh, T. (2022). Isochoric freezing and isochoric supercooling as innovative postharvest technologies for pomegranate preservation. Postharvest Biology and Technology. 194, 112072-112072.
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  • Bilbao-Sainz, C., Chiou, B., Takeoka, G., Williams, T., Wood, D. F., Powell-Palm, M. J., Rubinsky, B., & McHugh, T. (2022). Novel Isochoric Cold Storage with Isochoric Impregnation to Improve Postharvest Quality of Sweet Cherry. ACS Food Science & Technology. 2(10), 1558-1564.
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  • Lager, C., Perry, R., Daly, J., Page, C., Mizobe, M., Bouwmeester, J., ... Hagedorn, M. (2023). Metrics of Coral Microfragment Viability.
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  • Sun, W., & Powell-Palm, M. J. (2021). Generalized Gibbs' Phase Rule.
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  • Powell-Palm, M. J., Charwat, V., Charrez, B., Siemons, B., Healy, K. E., & Rubinsky, B. (2021). Isochoric supercooled preservation and revival of human cardiac microtissues.
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  • Consiglio, A. N., Lilley, D., Prasher, R., Rubinsky, B., & Powell-Palm, M. J. (2021). Methods to stabilize aqueous supercooling identified by use of an isochoric nucleation detection (INDe) device.
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