My research interests broadly address water and environmental issues. Most recently, I have been exploring pharmaceutical contamination of fresh water supplies, international bulk water transfers, climate change implications for global water resources, and international law for transboundary ground water resources.

selected publications
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  • Sanchez, R., Breña-Naranjo, J. A., Rivera, A., Hanson, R. T., Hernández-Espriú, A., Hogeboom, R. J., ... Rodriguez, L. (2021). Binational reflections on pathways to groundwater security in the Mexico–United States borderlands. Water International. 46(7-8), 1017-1036.
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  • Eckstein, G. (2021). International Law for Transboundary Aquifers: A Challenge for Our Times. AJIL Unbound. 115, 201-206.
  • Eckstein, G., & Salzman, J. (2021). Introduction to the Symposium on Interstate Disputes Over Water Rights. AJIL Unbound. 115, 170-172.
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  • Eckstein, G., Paisley, R., Burchi, S., Curlier, M., & Stephan, R. (2010). The Greening of Water Law: Managing Freshwater Resources for People and the Environment. United Nations Environment Programme Division of Environmental Law and Conventions.
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  • Eckstein, G. E. (2017). International law and transboundary aquifers. Rieu-Clarke, A., Allan, A., & Hendry, S. (Eds.), Routledge Handbook of Water Law and Policy. 217-233. Routledge.
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  • Eckstein, G. (2016). Transboundary Legal Perspective: International Water Law. Hydrodiplomacy, Legal and Institutional Aspects of Water Resources Governance: From the International to the Domestic Perspective. 27-39. International Hydrological Programme of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.
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  • Eckstein, G., & Foster, J. (2016). Framework of Surface and Ground Water in Oklahoma and Texas: Perspectives for Oil and Gas Development. Water Acquisition and Management for Oil & Gas Development: Legal and Regulatory Requirements. 4B-1-4B-21. Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Foundation.
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  • Eckstein, G., Fischhendler, I., Wolf, A., & Eckstein, G. (2016). The Role of Creative Language in Addressing Political Asymmetries: The Israeli-Arab Water Agreements. Garrido, A., & Rabi, A. (Eds.), Managing Water in the 21st Century: Challenges and Opportunities. 69-94. University of California.
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  • Drieschova, A., & Eckstein, G. (2014). Cooperative Transboundary Mechanism. Sanchez, J. C., & Roberts, J. (Eds.), Transboundary Water Governance: Adaptation to Climate Change. 51-79. IUCN Environmental Law Centre.
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