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The central goal of the TAMU Systematic Ichthyology Laboratory is to document the taxonomic, anatomical, ontogenetic, and genetic diversity of teleost fishes. Teleost fishes are without-a-doubt the most successful group of fishes (and probably vertebrates) on the planet currently and have colonized almost all available aquatic habitats (and even some terrestrial habitats). The morphological diversity of teleosts is unparalleled by any other group of vertebrates, ranging in size from tiny 7mm long minnows to 10meter long oar fish, and in shape from ribbon-like eels to globe-like pufferfishes. We investigate this diversity not only to further our understanding of vertebrate anatomy in general but also to discover novel characters to advance our understanding of the phylogenetic relationships of select groups of teleost fishes. Our investigations frequently lead to the discovery of previously unrecognized taxonomic diversity and one of the broader aims of the TAMU Systematic Ichthyology Laboratory is to document this diversity through the description of new species.

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  • Lujan, N. K., & Conway, K. W. (2015). Life in the Fast Lane: A Review of Rheophily in Freshwater Fishes. Extremophile Fishes. (pp. 107-136). Springer International Publishing.
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