Dr. Leskovar's vegetable physiology program focuses on understanding plant morphological and physiological adaptation mechanisms to environmental stresses, and development of integrated sustainable vegetable cropping systems. His research emphasis is on: 1) seed-transplant production and physiology to increase plant survival and enhance stand establishment; 2) plant hormones to modulate seedling growth; 3) root/shoot developmental responses to water conservation strategies and irrigation technologies; 4) impact of cropping systems on antioxidants and sensory attributes of vegetable crops; and 5) genotype selection for drought resistance, high yield, quality, and phytochemical content. Dr. Leskovar's program involves international cooperators.

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Academic Articles104
  • Djidonou, D., Leskovar, D. I., Joshi, M., Jifon, J., Avila, C. A., Masabni, J., Wallace, R. W., & Crosby, K. (2020). Stability of yield and its components in grafted tomato tested across multiple environments in Texas.. Sci Rep. 10(1), 13535.
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  • Peng, B., Liu, X., Dong, X., Xue, Q., Neely, C. B., Marek, T., ... Rudd, J. C. (2019). Root morphological traits of winter wheat under contrasting environments. Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science. 205(6), 571-585.
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  • Qin, K., Dong, X., Jifon, J., & Leskovar, D. I. (2019). Rhizosphere microbial biomass is affected by soil type, organic and water inputs in a bell pepper system. Applied Soil Ecology. 138, 80-87.
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  • Liu, X., Feakins, S. J., Dong, X., Xue, Q., Han, J., Marek, T., ... Ibrahim, A. (2019). Evaluating Leaf Wax and Bulk Leaf Carbon Isotope Surrogates for Water Use Efficiency and Grain Yield in Winter Wheat. Crop Science. 59(2), 718-732.
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  • Mancini, M., Lanza Volpe, M., Gatti, B., Malik, Y., Moreno, A. C., Leskovar, D., & Cravero, V. (2019). Characterization of cardoon accessions as feedstock for biodiesel production. Fuel. 1287-1293.
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  • Leskovar, D. I., Crosby, K. M., Palma, M. A., & Edelstein, M. (2014). Vegetable Crops: Linking Production, Breeding and Marketing. Horticulture: Plants for People and Places, Volume 1. 75-96. Springer Nature.
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  • Kahn, B. A., & Leskovar, D. I. (2012). Cropping systems for field production.. Peppers: botany, production and uses. 137-149. CABI.
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  • Leskovar, D. I., & Kahn, B. A. (2012). Stand establishment.. Peppers: botany, production and uses. 112-124. CABI.
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  • Crosby, K., Jifon, J., & Leskovar, D. (2008). Agronomy and the nutritional quality of vegetables. IMPROVING THE HEALTH-PROMOTING PROPERTIES OF FRUIT AND VEGETABLE PRODUCTS. 392-411. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers41
  • Joshi, M., Leskovar, D. I., Djidonou, D., Jifon, J., Avila, C. A., Masabni, J. G., & Crosby, K. (2019). Effect of Grafting on Fruit Quality Traits of Tomato Grown Under High Tunnel and Open-Field Conditions. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S168-S168.
  • Fix, A., Patil, B. S., Leskovar, D. I., Rooney, W. L., Smith, W., & Crosby, K. (2019). Mission Melon: Improving Qualitative Traits in Cucumis Melo Using Phenomics. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S189-S190.
  • Masabni, J. G., Niu, G., Jifon, J., Leskovar, D. I., & Djidonou, D. (2019). Productivity of Asian Vegetables in South and Northeast Texas. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S334-S335.
  • Silvasy, T., Djidonou, D., Leskovar, D. I., Joshi, M., Jifon, J., Avila, C. A., ... Crosby, K. (2019). Stability of Yield and Yield Components of Grafted Tomato in Multiple Environments in Texas. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S169-S170.
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