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My research interests center on investigating how exposure to psychotropic drugs (e.g. stimulants, antidepressants), and stress (whether physical or emotional), modifies the biochemical integrity of neuronal pathways involved in the regulation of mood and motivated behaviors, and how these pharmacological and/or environmental manipulations early-in-life affect biochemical and behavioral functioning later in adulthood. Understanding the relationship(s) between brain and behavior from a developmental perspective can provide novel insights for the development of therapeutics for stress and drug dependence. As noted by my professional development and publication record below, I have been involved in research questions with high degree of translational relevance.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
  • Parise, E. M., Parise, L. F., Sial, O. K., Cardona-Acosta, A. M., Gyles, T. M., Juarez, B., ... Bolaños-Guzmán, C. A (2021). The Resilient Phenotype Induced by Prophylactic Ketamine Exposure During Adolescence Is Mediated by the Ventral Tegmental Area–Nucleus Accumbens Pathway. Biological Psychiatry. 90(7), 482-493.
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  • Sial, O. K., Gnecco, T., Cardona-Acosta, A. M., Vieregg, E., Cardoso, E. A., Parise, L. F., & Bolaños-Guzmán, C. A (2021). Exposure to Vicarious Social Defeat Stress and Western-Style Diets During Adolescence Leads to Physiological Dysregulation, Decreases in Reward Sensitivity, and Reduced Antidepressant Efficacy in Adulthood. Frontiers in Neuroscience. 15, 701919.
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  • Henningfield, J. E., Fields, S., Anthony, J. C., Brown, L. S., Bolaños-Guzmán, C. A., Comer, S. D., ... Zarate, C. A (2021). Reply to Drs. Hart and Cadet: we agree-the challenges of increasing equity, diversity and inclusion include societal issues and actions now are vital.. Neuropsychopharmacology. 46(5), 878-879.
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  • Henningfield, J. E., Fields, S., Anthony, J. C., Brown, L. S., Bolaos-Guzmn, C. A., Comer, S. D., ... Zarate, C. A. (2021). Advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion in the American College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ACNP): advances, challenges, and opportunities to accelerate progress.. Neuropsychopharmacology. 46(5), 871-876.
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  • McHenry, J. A., Robison, C. L., Bell, G. A., Vialou, V. V., Bolaos-Guzmn, C. A., Nestler, E. J., & Hull, E. M. (2016). The role of fosB in the medial preoptic area: Differential effects of mating and cocaine history.. Behav Neurosci. (5),
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