Nikolov's Bioseparations Lab conducts transformative research in bioprocess engineering aimed at the development of novel and cost-effective strategies for extraction and purification of recombinant and native biomolecules. Bioseparations Lab leverages scientific and engineering expertise of lab members to find solutions for a variety of bioprocessing and separations challenges that currently face plant and algal biotechnology. To guide early process development and identify constraints posed by biological system and final product lab members use process simulation. Past and current research projects directed by Dr. Nikolov include industrial protein products derived from rice, sugarcane, tobacco, Lemna minor, and microalgae.

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  • Soto-Sierra, L., Wilken, L. R., Mallawarachchi, S., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2021). Process development of enzymatically-generated algal protein hydrolysates for specialty food applications. Algal Research. 55, 102248-102248.
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  • Goike, J., Hsieh, C., Horton, A., Gardner, E. C., Bartzoka, F., Wang, N., ... Gollihar, J. D. (2021). Synthetic repertoires derived from convalescent COVID-19 patients enable discovery of SARS-CoV-2 neutralizing antibodies and a novel quaternary binding modality. 2021.04.07.438849.
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  • Ravi, A., Foster, E. R., Perez, L. M., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2020). Capture chromatography with mixed-mode resins: A case study with recombinant human thioredoxin from Escherichia coli. Journal of Chromatography A. 1625, 461327-461327.
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  • Soto-Sierra, L., Kulkarni, S., Woodard, S. L., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2020). Processing of permeabilized Chlorella vulgaris biomass into lutein and protein-rich products. Journal of Applied Phycology. 32(3), 1697-1707.
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  • Wilken, L. R., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2016). Aqueous Fractionation of Dry-Milled Corn Germ for Food Protein Production. Nedović, V., Raspor, P., Lević, J., Tumbas Šaponjac, V., & Barbosa-Cánovas, G. V. (Eds.), Emerging and Traditional Technologies for Safe, Healthy and Quality Food. 443-461. Springer International Publishing.
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Conference Papers19
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  • Wilson, K., Munjal, N., Gregory, J. A., Mayfield, S. P., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2014). Production and recovery of multimeric malaria antigen (Pfs 25) complexes from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii chloroplast. ACS National Meeting Book of Abstracts. 247,
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  • Wilken, L. R., & Nikolov, Z. L. (2010). Commercial opportunities and challenges for protein products from corn. 1, 10-22.
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