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Academic Articles47
  • Lau, P., Lesne, P., Grebenok, R. J., Rangel, J., & Behmer, S. T. (2022). Assessing pollen nutrient content: a unifying approach for the study of bee nutritional ecology.. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. 377(1853), 20210510.
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  • Smith, D., Rangel, J., Bouga, M., & Parejo, M. (2022). Special issue on stingless bees. JOURNAL OF APICULTURAL RESEARCH. 61(5), 577-577.
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  • Lau, P., Payne, A. N., Khan, O., Buchman, M. B., & Rangel, J. (2022). The impact of COVID-19 on beekeepers in Texas and Louisiana. JOURNAL OF APICULTURAL RESEARCH. 61(3), 309-314.
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  • Walsh, E. M., Janowiecki, M. A., Zhu, K., Ing, N. H., Vargo, E. L., & Rangel, J. (2021). Elevated Mating Frequency in Honey Bee (Hymenoptera: Apidae) Queens Exposed to the Miticide Amitraz During Development. ANNALS OF THE ENTOMOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA. 114(5), 620-626.
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Conference Papers3
  • Jr, M. J., Arnold, M. A., Rangel, J., Palma, M., & Stein, L. A. (2019). Evaluating Perennial and Annual Companion Plantings for Pollinator Enhancement of Yield in Small-Scale Vegetable Production. HORTSCIENCE. 54(9), S80-S81.
  • Montoya, J. E., Arnold, M., Rangel, J., Stein, L. A., & Palma, M. (2017). Preliminary Data Indicates Annual and Perennial Pollinator Attracting Plants Differentially Affect Yield of Cucumbers and Habanero Peppers. HORTSCIENCE. 52(9), S256-S256.
  • Rangel, J., & Meissner, R. A. (2014). Proceedings of the american bee research conference. American Bee Journal. 154(4), 453-461.
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Rangel Posada
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Texas A&M University; Entomology; 2475 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-2475