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  • Liu, Y., & Ramsey, A. F. (2022). Incorporating historical weather information in crop insurance rating. AMERICAN JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ECONOMICS.
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  • Chemeris, A., Liu, Y., & Ker, A. P. (2022). Insurance subsidies, climate change, and innovation: Implications for crop yield resiliency. FOOD POLICY. 108, 102232-102232.
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  • Liu, Y., & Ker, A. P. (2020). Rating Crop Insurance Contracts with Nonparametric Bayesian Model Averaging. Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics. 45(2), 244-264.
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  • Liu, Y., & Ker, A. P. (2019). When Less Is More: On the Use of Historical Yield Data with Application to Rating Area Crop Insurance Contracts. Journal of Agricultural and Applied Economics. 52(2), 194-203.
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