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  • Stockler, R. M., Hallowell, H., Higgins, K. V., Groover, E. S., Hiltbold, E. M., Newcomer, B., & Walz, P. H. (2022). Characterization and Comparison of the Rumen Luminal and Epithelial Microbiome Profiles Using Metagenomic Sequencing Technique.. Front Vet Sci. 9, 799063.
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  • Boakari, Y. L., Chamorro, M. F., Huber, L., Schnuelle, J. G., Passler, T., Stockler, J., ... Hopper, R. (2022). Effect of lameness on breeding soundness examination results of beef bulls.. Theriogenology. 185, 134-139.
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  • Newcomer, S., Newcomer, B. W., & Teel, J. B. (2022). Evaluating Student Satisfaction with Remote Learning in a Veterinary School.. J Vet Med Educ. e20220014.
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  • Newcomer, B. W. (2022). Toxicologic Insults to the Bovine Liver.. Vet Clin North Am Food Anim Pract. 38(3), 421-432.
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