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Dr. Cai's research primarily focus on the application of geographic information science and technology (GIST) in disaster resilience and coupled natural-human system modeling. She has worked for a number of research projects funded by National science foundation, Louisiana sea grant, and Coastal protection and restoration authority. Her work employs a diverse spatial analysis tools and data mining methods to evaluate the community resilience to natural hazards, model the interactions between the human and natural systems, and simulate population and land cover changes under certain scenarios.

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Academic Articles14
  • Correll, R. M., Lam, N., Mihunov, V. V., Zou, L., & Cai, H. (2021). Economics over Risk: Flooding Is Not the Only Driving Factor of Migration Considerations on a Vulnerable Coast. Annals of the American Association of Geographers. 111(1), 300-315.
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  • Zhang, Z., Hu, H., Yin, D., Kashem, S., Li, R., Cai, H., Perkins, D., & Wang, S. (2019). A cyberGIS-enabled multi-criteria spatial decision support system: A case study on flood emergency management. International Journal of Digital Earth. 12(11), 1364-1381.
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  • Zou, L., Lam, N., Shams, S., Cai, H., Meyer, M. A., Yang, S., ... Reams, M. A. (2019). Social and geographical disparities in Twitter use during Hurricane Harvey. International Journal of Digital Earth. (11), 1318.
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  • Lam, N., Xu, Y., Liu, K., Dismukes, D., Reams, M., Pace, R., ... Mihunov, V. (2018). Understanding the Mississippi River Delta as a Coupled Natural-Human System: Research Methods, Challenges, and Prospects. Water. 10(8), 1054-1054.
  • Cai, H., Lam, N., Qiang, Y. i., Zou, L., Correll, R. M., & Mihunov, V. (2018). A synthesis of disaster resilience measurement methods and indices. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 31, 844-855.
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Conference Papers2
  • Lam, N., Qiang, Y. i., Li, K., Cai, H., Zou, L., & Mihunov#, V. (2018). Extending Resilience Assessment to Dynamic System Modeling: Perspectives on Human Dynamics and Climate Change Research. Journal of Coastal Research. 85(sp1), 1401-1405.
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  • Luo, L., Wang, X., & Cai, H. (2014). An Integrated 3S and Historical Materials Analysis of the Keriya Paleoriver, NW China. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 17(1), 012165-012165.
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