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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology, Health Education Division. I am an applied health behavior scientist who studies (1) the sexual, mental, and social health of rural adolescent and adult LGBTQ people, (2) rural HIV prevention/care, and (3) applied health behavior theory. Although I use various designs, my formal training is in mixed method studies and qualitative studies.

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  • Owens, C., Hunter-Mullis, K., Macy, J., Dickinson, S., & Middlestadt, S (2022). Beliefs Underlying US Adults Intention to Stay Home during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Health Behavior and Policy Review. 9(2),
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  • Owens, C., Moran, K., Mongrella, M., Moskowitz, D. A., Mustanski, B., & Macapagal, K (2022). Its Very Inconvenient for Me: A Mixed-Method Study Assessing Barriers and Facilitators of Adolescent Sexual Minority Males Attending PrEP Follow-Up Appointments. AIDS and Behavior. (1),
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  • Currin, J. M., Evans, A. E., Miller, B. M., Owens, C., Giano, Z., & Hubach, R. D (2022). The impact of initial social distancing measures on individuals anxiety and loneliness depending on living with their romantic/sexual partners. Current Psychology. 1-9.
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  • Owens, C., Voorheis, E., Lester, J. N., Green, H. D., Herbenick, D., Dodge, B., & Hubach, R. D (2021). The lived experiences of rural HIV social workers. AIDS Care. 1-5.
  • Owens, C., Shrodes, A., Kraus, A., Birnholtz, J., Moskowitz, D. A., & Macapagal, K (2021). Motivations to Start and Stop Using Sexual Networking Applications Among Adolescent Sexual Minority Men. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. 1-11.
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  • Owens, C. (2020). Sampling Considerations for LGBTQ Health Research. Stall, R., Dodge, B., Bauermeister, J. A., Poteat, T., & Beyrer, C. (Eds.), LGBTQ Health Research Theory, Methods, Practice. Johns Hopkins University Press.
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