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  • Huo, D. a., Bishop, M. P., Young, B., & Chi, Z (2021). Modeling the feedbacks between surface ablation and morphological variations on debris-covered Baltoro Glacier in the central Karakoram. Geomorphology. 389, 107840-107840.
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  • Xing, Z., Chi, Z., Yang, Y., Chen, S., Huang, H., Cheng, X., & Hui, F (2020). Accuracy Evaluation of Four Greenland Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) and Assessment of River Network Extraction. Remote Sensing. 12(20), 3429-3429.
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  • Li, X., Shokr, M., Hui, F., Chi, Z., Heil, P., Chen, Z., ... Cheng, X (2020). The spatio-temporal patterns of landfast ice in Antarctica during 2006–2011 and 2016–2017 using high-resolution SAR imagery. Remote Sensing of Environment. 242, 111736-111736.
  • Chen, Z., Chi, Z., Zinglersen, K. B., Tian, Y., Wang, K., Hui, F., & Cheng, X (2020). A new image mosaic of Greenland using Landsat-8 OLI images. Science Bulletin. 65(7), 522-524.
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