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Dr. Ivis Garc?a received her Ph.D. in Urban Planning & Policy from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2015. Dr. Garc?a will join the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning at Texas A&M University as an Associate Professor Fall of 2022. Dr. Garc?a previously taught graduate and undergraduate community engagement in planning, planning communication, and studio courses in Chicago, Puerto Rico, and Salt Lake City. She also led the Westside Leadership Institute, an innovative undergraduate course that residents and students take together to develop a community project. Dr. Garc?a's research focuses on engagement, housing, and community development. She has received over $1 million in external research funding, including EPA, National Science Foundation, and the Natural Hazard Center. Dr. Garc?a has written 38 peer-reviewed journal articles, five book chapters, and 37 technical reports--including the first American Planning Association PAS Report on diversity, "Planning with Diverse Communities." Ivis has given 56 keynote or invited talks--including funded addresses at U. de Guadalajara, Columbia University, and Georgia Tech. Dr. Garc?a has chaired 15 master's committees and served on 11 Ph.D. committees. For her housing justice work in Puerto Rico with disaster victims, Ivis received the Ford Fellowship in 2022.

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  • Garca, I., Chandrasekhar, D., Ganapati, N. E., Fagundo Ojeda, K., Velzquez Diaz, J. E., & Williams, K. (2022). Health-related nonprofit response to concurrent disaster events. International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction. 103279-103279.
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  • Chandrasekhar, D., Garca, I., & Khajehei, S. (2022). Recovery Capacity of Small Nonprofits in Post-2017 Hurricane Puerto Rico. Journal of the American Planning Association. 88(2), 206-219.
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  • Greenlee, A. J., Jackson, A., Garcia-Zambrana, I., Lee, C. A., & Chrisinger, B. (2022). Where Are We Going? Where Have We Been?: The Climate for Diversity within Urban Planning Educational Programs. Journal of Planning Education and Research. 42(3), 331-349.
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  • Toro-Morn, M. I., & Garcia, I. (2021). Puerto Ricans in Illinois.
  • Garcia, I., & Gallardo, L. (2021). People without Homes, Homes without People: Abandoned Properties as Opportunities for Affordable Housing in the Post-Disaster Reconstruction Environment. Finn, R. E., Nelson, L., & Stein, S. (Eds.), Tackling Vacancy and Abandonment: Strategies and Impacts after the Great Recession. 61-75. Center for Community Progress, the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta.
  • Garca, I., & Kim, K. (2020). Active Commute to School, Physical Activity and Health of Hispanic High School Students in the United States. Transport and Sustainability. Urban Mobility and Social Equity in Latin America: Evidence, Concepts, Methods. 149-168. Emerald Publishing Limited.
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  • Garca, I. (2019). Natural Hazards Governance Practices and Key Natural Hazards in Latin America and the Caribbean. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Science. Oxford University Press.
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  • Moore, K. D., Garcia, I., & Kim, J. Y. (2018). Healthy Places and the Social Life of Older Adults. Social Isolation of Older Adults. 103-118. Springer Publishing Company.
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Conference Papers1
  • Sarker, T., Poleacovschi, C., Garcia, I., Weems, C. F., Ikuma, K., & Rehmann, C. (2022). Socioeconomic and Housing Vulnerabilitys Role in Decision Time for Reconstruction in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. Construction Research Congress 2022, Construction Research Congress 2022. 455-463.
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  • Garcia, I., Alberson, M., Puczkowskyj, N., Maheruma, S., & Fagundo Ojeda, K. (2022). Public Transit and Gender-Based Harassment: A Photovoice Project.
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