Dr. Fox's research focuses on restoration of drastically disturbed rangelands with an emphasis on recovery of military training lands. He is currently studying the impacts of soil amendments (compost and other nutrient based additives) and their effect on restoring desirable vegetation communities in an effort to slow accelerated erosion on the Army's Fort Hood reservation. In addition to these field efforts, Dr. Fox has partnered with scientists at BREC in an effort to adapt bio-physical, process based simulation models (APEX/SWAT) for application on military landscapes. These efforts center on providing military land managers with tools that will allow them to optimize training land recovery programs to meet the needs of training as well as stewardship of the installations natural resource base.

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Academic Articles25
  • Goodwin, D. J., Kane, D. A., Dhakal, K., Covey, K. R., Bettigole, C., Hanle, J., ... Tolleson, D. R. (2022). Can Low-Cost, Handheld Spectroscopy Tools Coupled with Remote Sensing Accurately Estimate Soil Organic Carbon in Semi-Arid Grazing Lands?. SOIL SYSTEMS. 6(2), 38-38.
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  • Rhodes, E. C., Angerer, J. P., Fox, W. E., & McAlister, J. R. (2021). Woody Vegetation Cover, Attrition, and Patch Metrics over Eight Decades in Central Texas, United States. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 78, 54-66.
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  • Diaz, J. M., Tolleson, D. R., Angerer, J. P., Christian, A., Fox, W. E., & Pinchak, W. E. (2020). Application of growing degree day to predict diet crude protein in rangeland beef cows. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 98(Supplement_4), 132-132.
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  • Smith, D., Ortega-Camacho, D., Acosta-González, G., Leal-Bautista, R. M., Fox, W. E., & Cejudo, E. (2020). A multi-approach assessment of land use effects on groundwater quality in a karstic aquifer. Heliyon. 6(5), e03970-e03970.
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  • Angerer, J. P., Fox, W. E., & Wolfe, J. E. (2016). Land Degradation in Rangeland Ecosystems. Biological and Environmental Hazards, Risks, and Disasters. 277-311. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers1
  • Fox, W. E., Hoffman, D. W., Gerik, T. J., Williams, J. R., & Wang, S. (2008). Restoration of Military Training Lands: Development of Decision Support Tools. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008, World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008. 316, 1-9.
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