My research focuses on social ecological approaches to increasing physical activity.

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  • Bornstein, D. B., & Maddock, J. E. (2019). Effective Strategies for Building and Maintaining Coalitions. Physical Activity and Public Health Practice. Springer Publishing Company.
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  • Maddock, J. E., Irvin, L., Silbanuz, A., & Reger-Nash, B. (2014). Start.Living.Healthy. Using Mass Media to Increase Physical Activity in Hawai`i. Pate, R., & Buchner, D. (Eds.), Implementing Physical Activity. (pp. 55-60). Human Kinetics.
  • Maddock, J. E., Barnett, J. D., Marshall, C. S., & Nigg, C. R. (2012). Testing the Assumptions of Stage of Change for Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Naturalistic Study, Public Health - Social and Behavioral Health. Maddock, J. (Eds.), Public Health - Social and Behavioral Health. (pp. 41-58). InTech.
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  • Glanz, K., & Maddock, J. E. (2002). Behavior, Health-related. Breslow, L. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Public Health: A-C. (pp. 98-104). MacMillan Reference Library.
  • Maddock, J. E., Nigg, C. R., & Wagner, A. (2002). Evaluation of the Healthy Hawaii Initiative. Fralish, C., & Crowell, A. (Eds.), Physical Activity Evaluation Handbook. (pp. 59-63). Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
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