My research interests are in the areas of communication and information theory, decision and control, computer systems and networks, statistical inference, applied probability, learning, and biological systems. Recently, I have been studying the efficient design of sensing systems and the fundamental limits of wireless communication networks.

selected publications
Academic Articles31
  • Veeravalli, V. V., & Chamberland, J. (2007). Detection in Sensor Networks. Wireless Sensor Networks. (pp. 117-148). John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
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Conference Papers57
  • Badita, A., Parag, P., & Chamberland, J. (2019). Latency Analysis for Distributed Coded Storage Systems. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 65(8), 4683-4698.
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  • Wesel, R. D., Wong, N., Baldauf, A., Belhouchat, A., Heidarzadeh, A., & Chamberland, J. (2018). Transmission Lengths that Maximize Throughput of Variable-Length Coding & ACK/NACK Feedback. 2016 IEEE GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS CONFERENCE (GLOBECOM). 00, 1-6.
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  • El-Sallabi, H., Aldosary, A., Basahl, Y., & Chamberland, J. (2018). Improvement in Accuracy of Breakpoint Distance Model for Path Loss Prediction. Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium. 00, 107-114.
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  • Amalladinne, V. K., Vem, A., Soma, D. K., Narayanan, K. R., & Chamberland, J. (2018). A Coupled Compressive Sensing Scheme for Unsourced Multiple Access. 2001 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ACOUSTICS, SPEECH, AND SIGNAL PROCESSING, VOLS I-VI, PROCEEDINGS. 00, 6628-6632.
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  • Parag, P., & Chamberland, J. (2018). Novel Latency Bounds for Distributed Coded Storage. 00, 1-9.
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