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Associate Dean and Professor

My primary research focus concerns the behavorial consequences of cost management system design and implementation.

selected publications
Academic Articles4
  • Lowther, K. R., Strawser, J. A., McGowan, A. S., & Holmes, S. A. (2003). Measuring cost differences associated with aids patient heterogeneity: An examination of inequity in funding. Research in Healthcare Financial Management. 8(1), 77-93.
  • McGowan, A. S., & Vendrzyk, V. P. (2002). The Relation between Cost Shifting and Segment Profitability in the DefenseContracting Industry. The Accounting Review. 77(4), 949-969.
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  • Thorne, J., Holmes, S. A., McGowan, A. S., Strand, C. A., & Strawser, R. H. (2001). The relation between audit pricing and audit contract type: a public sector analysis. Journal of Accounting and Public Policy. 20(3), 189-215.
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  • McGowan, A. S. (1998). Perceived benefits of ABCM implementation. Accounting Horizons. 12(1), 31-50.
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