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The Song Lab focuses on the study of an insect order Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets, and katydids) and other insects and aims at understanding behavioral, ecological, physiological, morphological and molecular evolution in a phylogenetic framework.

selected publications
Academic Articles62
  • Woodrow, C., Pulver, C., Song, H., & Montealegre-Z, F. (2022). Auditory mechanics in the grig (Cyphoderris monstrosa): tympanal travelling waves and frequency discrimination as a precursor to inner ear tonotopy.. Proc Biol Sci. 289(1973), 20220398.
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  • Hoang, T., Foquet, B., Rana, S., Little, D. W., Woller, D. A., Sword, G. A., & Song, H. (2022). Development of RNAi Methods for the Mormon Cricket, Anabrus simplex (Orthoptera: Tettigoniidae).. Insects. (8), 739-739.
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  • SONG, H., MUSCHETT, G. R., WOLLER, D. A., SLATYER, R. A., TATARNIC, N. J., & UMBERS, K. (2021). Taxonomic notes on the Australian skyhopper genus Kosciuscola Sjöstedt (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Oxyinae). Zootaxa. 5071(1), 118-130.
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  • MARIÑO-PÉREZ, R., SANABRIA-URBÁN, S., POCCO, M. E., FOQUET, B., & SONG, H. (2021). Studies in Mexican Grasshoppers: Four new species of Reyesacris Fontana, Buzzetti & Mariño-Pérez, 2011 (Orthoptera: Acrididae: Ommatolampidinae). Zootaxa. 5039(4), 518-536.
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  • Verlinden, H., Sterck, L., Li, J., Li, Z., Yssel, A., Gansemans, Y., ... Vanden Broeck, J. (2021). First draft genome assembly of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria. F1000Research. 9, 775-775.
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  • Cullen, D. A., Cease, A. J., Latchininsky, A. V., Ayali, A., Berry, K., Buhl, J., ... Rogers, S. M. (2017). From Molecules to Management: Mechanisms and Consequences of Locust Phase Polyphenism. Advances in Insect Physiology. Advances in Insect Physiology. 167-285. Elsevier.
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Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Song, H., Bthoux, O., Shin, S., Donath, A., Letsch, H., Liu, S., ... Simon, S. (2020). Phylogenomic analysis sheds light on the evolutionary pathways towards acoustic communication in Orthoptera.. Nature Communications.
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