Dr. Riley teaches these 3 graduate courses: Quantitative Genetics, Genetic Prediction, and Advanced Quantitative Genetics. Research efforts include the association of genes, gene combinations, and other molecular variants with beef cattle production traits, especially those traits related to reproduction and efficiency. Research interests include the incorporation of genomic information in traditional animal breeding strategies and prediction of breeding values using such information. Other research efforts include the assessment and quantification of the epigenetic variation in livestock traits, and the expression of heterosis by crossbred animals for important traits.

selected publications
Academic Articles105
  • Siciliano-Martina, L., Light, J. E., Riley, D. G., & Lawing, A. M. (2022). One of these wolves is not like the other: morphological effects and conservation implications of captivity in Mexican wolves. ANIMAL CONSERVATION. 25(1), 77-90.
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  • Mickey, D., Sanders, J., Riley, D. G., & Herring, A. D. (2021). 30 Calf Performance and Sex Ratios in Second Generation Reciprocal Nellore-angus Crosses. Journal of Animal Science. 99(Supplement_3), 14-15.
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  • Paredes-Sanchez, F. A., Casas, E., Parra-Bracamonte, G. M., Arellano-Vera, W., Riley, D. G., Welsh, T. H., Sifuentes-Rincn, A. M., & Randel, R. D. (2021). 303 Identification of candidate genes related to temperament in Brahman cattle. Journal of Animal Science. 97(Supplement_3), 2-3.
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  • Dodd, L., Anderson, D., Riley, D. G., Johnson, B., & Herring, A. D. (2021). 91 Assessing Variability of Herd Sire Economic Value for Commercial Operations. Journal of Animal Science. 99(Supplement_3), 46-47.
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  • Angulo-Valenzuela, N. I., Thomas, M. G., Riley, D. G., Medrano, J. F., Reyna-Granados, J. R., Aguilar-Trejo, C. M., & Luna-Nevrez, P. (2021). A SNP within the PMCH gene as a molecular marker associated with fertility traits in Angus and Brangus beef heifers raised under a desert environment.. Trop Anim Health Prod. 53(3), 355.
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Conference Papers23
  • Martins, P., Cassiolato, R., Frigoni, F., Salin, M. M., Araujo, D. B., Meneghetti, M., ... Arthington, J. D. (2020). Evaluation of a distinct white Angus crossbred phenotype in southern Florida. JOURNAL OF DAIRY SCIENCE. 93, 683-683.
  • Burnett, R. H., Duvic, M. A., Kutz, B. R., Brown, A., Powell, J. G., Smith, T., Riley, D. G., & Cauble, R. N. (2020). Evaluation of hair coat shedding ability as an adaptive trait in Angus cattle in the southern US. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 98(Supplement_2), 1-2.
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  • Guy, C. P., Wellman, C. L., Riley, D. G., Long, C. R., Randal, R. D., Welsh, T. H., & White-Springer, S. H. (2020). President Oral Presentation Pick: Prenatal stress increases skeletal muscle mitochondria' volume density and function in yearling Brahman calves. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 98, 120-120.
  • Littlejohn, B. P., Price, D. M., Neuendorff, D. A., Carroll, J. A., Vann, R. C., Riggs, P. K., ... Randel, R. D. (2019). Awardee Talk - Prenatal transportation stress alters physiology of suckling Brahman calves as mediated by changes in DNA methylation. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97, 142-142.
  • O'Daniel, S. E., Riley, D. G., Kochan, K. J., Riggs, P. K., Rouquette, F. M., Randel, R. D., & Welsh, T. H. (2019). Comparison of telomere length in age-matched primiparous and multiparous Brahman cows. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 97, 363-364.
Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Yu, H., Morota, G., Celestino, E. F., Dahlen, C. R., Wagner, S. A., Riley, D. G., & Hanna, L. (2020). Deciphering cattle temperament measures derived from a four-platform standing scale using genetic factor analytic modeling.
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