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Dr. Lan's current research interests are in the areas of applied physics, materials science, optical engineering, and nanotechnology, with a focus on innovative and extreme aspects of light-matter interactions in natural and engineered nanostructures. In this context, he has also extensively worked on translating and exploiting emerging concepts and cutting-edge technologies for applications in the light-enabled internet of things (IoT), quantum processing, clinical diagnosis, bioimaging, and sensing.

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Academic Articles22
Conference Papers11
  • Liu, X., Yi, J., Li, Q., Yang, S., Bao, W., Ropp, C., ... IEEE, .. (2019). Probing the excited states of valley polaritons in atomic crystals. 2016 CONFERENCE ON LASERS AND ELECTRO-OPTICS (CLEO).
  • Kang, L., Rodrigues, S. P., Taghinejad, M., Lan, S., Lee, K., Yue, T., ... Werner, D. H. (2018). A Chiral Meta-Mirror Enabled Linear and Nonlinear Chiroptical Responses. 2015 IEEE INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION & USNC/URSI NATIONAL RADIO SCIENCE MEETING. 00, 987-988.
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  • Lan, S., Rodrigues, S. P., Taghinejad, M., Kang, L., Brown, D. K., Urbas, A. M., & Cai, W. (2017). Geometrically-induced loss suppression in plasmoelectronic nanostructures (Conference Presentation). MATHEMATICAL MODELING AND ESTIMATION TECHNIQUES IN COMPUTER VISION. 101121g-101121g-1.
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  • Rodrigues, S. P., Lan, S., Kang, L., Cui, Y., Panuski, P. W., Wang, S., Urbas, A. M., & Cai, W. (2017). Modulating Optically Active Signals in a Chiral Metamaterial with Varied Input Intensities. 30TH ANNUAL CONFERENCE OF THE IEEE PHOTONICS SOCIETY (IPC). 505-506.
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  • Rodrigues, S. P., Kang, L., Lan, S., Cui, Y., Liu, Y., Werner, D. H., Cai, W., & IEEE, .. (2016). A Chiral Metamaterial for Chiral Responsive Optoelectronic Transduction. 2016 CONFERENCE ON LASERS AND ELECTRO-OPTICS (CLEO).
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