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  • Rudnick, D. R., Stockton, M., Taghvaeian, S., Warren, J., Dukes, M. D., Kremen, A., ... Amosson, S. H. (2020). INNOVATIVE EXTENSION METHODS IN THE US TO PROMOTE IRRIGATION WATER MANAGEMENT. TRANSACTIONS OF THE ASABE. 63(5), 1549-1558.
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  • Guerrero, B., Owens, R., Amosson, S., Sukcharoen, K., Richeson, J., & Almas, L. (2019). Assessing Economic Changes Due to an Expanding Dairy Industry in the Texas High Plains. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 55(3), 670-679.
  • Guerrero, B., Amosson, S., Nair, S., & Marek, T. (2017). The importance of regional analysis in evaluating agricultural water conservation strategies. Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy. 47(2), 188-198.
  • Wang, T., Park, S., Ansley, R. J., & Amosson, S. H. (2014). Economic and Greenhouse Gas Efficiency of Honey Mesquite Relative to Other Energy Feedstocks for Bioenergy Uses in the Southern Great Plains. BIOENERGY RESEARCH. 7(4), 1493-1505.
  • Lima, D., Colson, G., Karali, B., Guerrero, B., Amosson, S. H., & Wetzstein, M. (2013). A New Look at the Economic Evaluation of Wind Energy as an Alternative to Electric and Natural Gas-Powered Irrigation. 45(04),
Conference Papers4
  • Tewari, R., Almas, L. K., & Amosson, S. (2010). Meeting Irrigation Demands in Water Deficit Counties of Texas Panhandle: Biotechnology and Other Novel Strategies. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010, World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2010. 2102-2111.
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  • Marek, T., Porter, D., Howell, T., Gowda, P., Colaizzi, P., Amosson, S., & Bretz, F. (2008). Cotton Production Potential and Water Conservation Impact Using the Regional Irrigation Demand Model of Northern Texas. World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008, World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008. 316, 1-10.
  • Marek, T., Amosson, S., Almas, L., Bretz, F., Guerrero, B., Gaskins, D., & Jones, D. (2005). Feasibility of Water Management Strategies for the Declining Ogallala Aquifer. Impacts of Global Climate Change, Impacts of Global Climate Change. 1-8.
  • Marek, T., Amosson, S., New, L., Bretz, F., Stewart, B. A., & Sweeten, J. (2001). Irrigation Water Demand Estimates for the Texas Panhandle (Region A). Watershed Management and Operations Management 2000, Watershed Management and Operations Management 2000. 105, 1-10.
  • Amosson, S. H., Anderson, D. P., Bevers, S. J., Hogan, R. J., McCorkle, D. A., Robinson, J., ... Williams, E. (2013). Have Farmers and Ranchers Lost Confidence in Futures Markets?.
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