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Application of Petroleum Engineering Concepts for Low-Carbon Energy Technologies.

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Academic Articles16
  • Callas, C., Saltzer, S. D., Davis, J. S., Hashemi, S. S., Kovscek, A. R., Okoroafor, E. R., ... Benson, S. M. (2022). Criteria and workflow for selecting depleted hydrocarbon reservoirs for carbon storage. Applied Energy. 324, 119668.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., & Horne, R. N. (2022). Temperature-dependent viscosity: Relevance to the numerical simulation of enhanced geothermal systems. Thermal Science and Engineering Progress. 34, 101439.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Saltzer, S. D., & Kovscek, A. R. (2022). Toward underground hydrogen storage in porous media: Reservoir engineering insights. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Smith, C. M., Ochie, K. I., Nwosu, C. J., Gudmundsdottir, H., & Aljubran, M. (2022). Machine learning in subsurface geothermal energy: Two decades in review. Geothermics. 102, 102401.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Co, C., & Horne, R. N. (2022). Numerical investigation of the impact of fracture aperture anisotropy on EGS thermal performance. Geothermics. 100, 102354.
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Conference Papers13
  • Dikeh, C., Ikeokwu, C., Egbe, T. I., Ochuba, M. N., Adekanye, M., Anifowose, E., & Okoroafor, E. R. (2022). Artificial Neural Networks for Geothermal Reservoirs: Implications for Oil and Gas Reservoirs. Day 2 Tue, August 02, 2022.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Offor, C. P., & Prince, E. I. (2022). Mapping Relevant Petroleum Engineering Skillsets for the Transition to Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy. Day 3 Wed, August 03, 2022.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Kim, T. W., Nazari, N., Watkins, H. Y., Saltzer, S. D., & Kovscek, A. R. (2022). Assessing the Underground Hydrogen Storage Potential of Depleted Gas Fields in Northern California. Day 3 Wed, October 05, 2022, SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
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  • Okoroafor, E. R., Obi, C., Akenobo, C., Dagogo-Jack, C. D., Nnebocha, E., Okeke, U., ... Mezie-Okoye, S. (2017). Production Increase in an Onshore Oilfield Using a Rapid Screening and Multidisciplinary Approach. Day 3 Wed, August 02, 2017.
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  • Haq, S. A., Denichou, J. M., Okoroafor, R., & Zhou, W. (2016). The Quest for Productivity Steering. All Days, PAPG/SPE Pakistan Section Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition.
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