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Dr. Barge's major research interests center on developing a social constructionist approach to leadership, articulating the connections between appreciative practice and organizational change, as well as exploring the relationship between discourse and public deliberation, specifically practices that facilitate communities working through polarized and polarizing issues. Other research interests include investigating the role of reflexivity in leadership and management practice, examining ways to develop effective academic-practitioner collaborations, and developing practical theory.

selected publications
Academic Articles39
  • Mensch, K., & Barge, J. (2019). Understanding Challenges to Leadership-as-Practice by Way of MacIntyres Three Rival Versions of Moral Enquiry. Business and Professional Ethics Journal. (1),
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  • Barbour, J. B., Ballard, D. I., Barge, J. K., & Gill, R. (2017). Making time/making temporality for engaged scholarship. Journal of Applied Communication Research. 45(4), 365-380.
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  • Hedman-Phillips, E., & Barge, J. K. (2017). Facilitating Team Reflexivity About Communication. Small Group Research. 48(3), 255-287.
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  • Barge, J. K. (2016). Crossing Boundaries between Communication Activism Research and Applied Communication Research Discourses. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF COMMUNICATION. 10, 4000-4008.
  • Barbour, J. B., Gill, R., & Barge, J. K. (2018). Exploring the Intersections of Individual and Collective Communication Design. Transformative Practice and Research in Organizational Communication. 89-108. IGI Global.
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  • Barge, J. K. (2018). Making the Case for Academic and Social Impact in Organizational Communication Research. Transformative Practice and Research in Organizational Communication. 235-253. IGI Global.
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  • Barge, J. K. (2006). Dialogue, Conflict, and Community. The SAGE Handbook of Conflict Communication: Integrating Theory, Research, and Practice. 517-544. Sage Publications, Inc..
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