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Gulf Oil / Thomas A Dietz Professor

My research focuses on Advanced Vehicular Control and Diagnostic Systems, Motion planning and control of Unmanned Vehicles, Decision making under uncertainty, Fixed Structure Controller Synthesis

selected publications
Academic Articles79
  • Swar, S. C., Manickam, S., Casbeer, D., Kalyanam, K., & Darbha, S. (2021). Optimal Autonomous Pursuit of an Intruder on a Grid Aided by Local Node and Edge Sensors. Unmanned Systems. 1-16.
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  • Vegamoor, V., Rathinam, S., & Darbha, S. (2021). String Stability of Connected Vehicle Platoons Under Lossy V2V Communication. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems. PP(99), 1-12.
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  • Darbha, S., Konduri, S., & Pagilla, P. R. (2020). Vehicle platooning with constant spacing strategies and multiple vehicle look ahead information. IET Intelligent Transport Systems. 14(6), 589-600.
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  • Liu, M., Chour, K., Rathinam, S., & Darbha, S. (2020). Lateral Control of an Autonomous and Connected Following Vehicle With Limited Preview Information. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Vehicles. 6(3), 406-418.
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  • Hari, S., Rathinam, S., Darbha, S., Kalyanam, K., Manyam, S. G., & Casbeer, D. (2020). Optimal UAV Route Planning for Persistent Monitoring Missions. IEEE Transactions on Robotics. 37(2), 550-566.
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  • Hedrick, J. K., & Swaroop, D. (2021). Dynamic Coupling in Vehicles Under Automatic Control. The Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and on Tracks. 209-220. CRC Press.
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  • Chandler, P. R., Pachter, M., Nygard, K. E., & Swaroop, D. (2002). Cooperative Control for Target Classification. COOPERATIVE CONTROL AND OPTIMIZATION. Cooperative Control and Optimization. 1-19. Kluwer Academic Publishers.
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Conference Papers101
  • Montez, C., Rathinam, S., Darbha, S., & Casbeer, D. (2021). Finding Shortest Paths for a Team of Convoy and Repair Vehicles.
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  • Manyam, S. G., Casbeer, D., Weintraub, I. E., Tran, D. M., Bradley, J. M., & Darbha, S. (2021). Quadratic Bezier Curves for Multi-Agent Coordinated Arrival in the Presence of Obstacles.
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  • Hu, J., Pagilla, P. R., & Darbha, S. (2021). The next-best-view for workpiece localization in robot workspace. 2021 IEEE/ASME INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ADVANCED INTELLIGENT MECHATRONICS (AIM). 00, 1201-1206.
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  • Montez, C., Darbha, S., Valicka, C., & Staid, A. (2020). Routing of an unmanned vehicle for classification. 55.
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  • Chour, K., Rathinam, S., & Darbha, S. (2020). Aerial-ground vehicle path coordination algorithms for monitoring applications. VISUALIZING AND QUANTIFYING DRUG DISTRIBUTION IN TISSUE III. 11413, 51.
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  • Hedrick, J. K., Gerdes, J. C., Maciuca, D. B., & Swaroop, D. (1997). Brake System Modeling, Control And Integrated Brake/throttle Switching Phase I.
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  • Hedrick, J. K., Garg, V., Gerdes, J. C., Maciuca, D. B., & Swaroop, D. (1996). Longitudinal Control Development For IVHS Fully Automated And Semi-automated Systems: Phase II.
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