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  • Park, J. H., Kuo, L., Dixon, Q., & Kim, H. (2022). Korean-english Bilingual Childrens Stress Cue Sensitivity and its Relationship with Reading in English. Journal of Psycholinguistic Research. 51(2), 397-415.
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  • Lee, S., Kuo, L., Xu, Z., & Hu, X. (2020). The effects of technology-integrated classroom instruction on K-12 English language learners literacy development: a meta-analysis. Computer Assisted Language Learning. 1-32.
  • Kuo, L., Ku, Y., Chen, Z., & Gezer, M. (2020). The relationship between input and literacy and metalinguistic development: A study with ChineseEnglish bilinguals. International Journal of Bilingualism. (1),
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  • Huang, B. H., & Kuo, L. (2020). The role of input in bilingual childrens language and literacy development: Introduction to the Special Issue. International Journal of Bilingualism. (1),
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  • Jiang, Y., & Kuo, L. (2019). The development of vocabulary and morphological awareness: A longitudinal study with college EFL students. Applied Psycholinguistics. 40(4), 877-903.
  • Zehler, A. M., & Koda, K. (2007). Learning to Read Across Languages. Koda, K., & Zehler, A. M. (Eds.), Learning to Read Across Languages: Cross-Linguistic Relationships in First- and Second-Language Literacy Development. 39-67. Routledge.
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