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I am interested in the cartographic communication of sea level rise and other climate hazards. My work draws on research from GIScience, human-environment geography and psychology to consider how map interaction mediates risk perceptions for climate change and related hazards.

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  • Karaye, I. M., Horney, J. A., Retchless, D. P., & Ross, A. D (2019). Determinants of Hurricane Evacuation from a Large Representative Sample of the U.S. Gulf Coast.. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 16(21), 4268-4268.
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  • Retchless, D., Frey, N., Wang, C., Hung, L., & Yarnal, B. (2014). Climate extremes in the United States: recent research by physical geographers. Physical Geography. 35(1), 3-21.
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  • Retchless, D (2018). Bringing the big data of climate change down to human scale: Citizen sensors and personalized visualizations in climate communication. Thinking Big Data in Geography: New Regimes, New Research. 197-213.
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