My research focuses on rotordynamics, structural vibration, energy dissipation mechanisms, thin film lubrication and fluid-structure interaction applied to the design, modeling and improvement of rotating machinery systems and components.

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Academic Articles28
  • Vandervort, J., Lukasik, G., Ayyildiz, B., Solom, M., Delgado, A., Kirkland, K. V., & Patil, A (2021). Performance evaluation of a Terry GS-2 steam impulse turbine with air-water mixtures. Applied Thermal Engineering. 191, 116636-116636.
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  • Patil, A., Kasprzyk, M., Delgado, A., & Morrison, G. (2020). Effect of Leakage Flow Path Wear on Axial Thrust in Downhole Electrical Submersible Pump Unit. 142(5),
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  • Jarroux, C., Dufour, R., Mahfoud, J., Defoy, B., Alban, T., & Delgado, A. (2019). Touchdown bearing models for rotor-AMB systems. 440, 51-69.
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Conference Papers36
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  • Patil, A. R., Morrison, G., & Delgado, A. (2021). High energy density turbomachines.
  • Delgado, A., Van Dam, J. D., Sakamoto, S. M., & Garcia, R. J. (2020). Load-sharing bearing system and an associated method thereof.
  • Delgado, A., Van Dam, J. D., Nobrega, K., Sakamoto, S. M., & Marvel III, R. L. (2019). Downhole electric submersible pumps with high rotordynamic stability margin.
  • Wolfe, C. E., Delgado, A., Gibson, N., Trivedi, D., & Ertas, B. (2019). Machine thrust bearing assembly.
  • McCabe, J. J., Hebert, M. S., Hunt, I. S., Triscari, A. T., Kruse, K. S., Ryan, A. T., & Delgado, A. (2019). System and method for reducing relative bearing shaft deflection in an X-ray tube.
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