Our laboratory is interested in the pathogenesis of bacterial lung infections particularly tuberculosis and Legionnaires' disease. We are examining the virulence mechanisms of bacteria using cellular, molecular and genetic techniques. Our primary research goal is to obtain a better understanding of the roles of the pathogen and host in disease. These studies should contribute to our understanding of host-pathogen interactions at the molecular and cellular level that can be used for prevention, treatment and diagnosis. We hope that through a better understanding of the mechanisms by which these organisms cause disease we can prevent some, if not all, of these infections in the future.

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  • Kong, Y., & Cirillo, J. D. (2018). Fluorescence Imaging of Mycobacterial Infection in Live Mice Using Fluorescent Protein-Expressing Strains. Methods in Molecular Biology. Reporter Gene Imaging. (pp. 75-85). Springer New York.
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  • Khan, A., Singh, C. R., Soudani, E., Bakhru, P., Saikolappan, S., Cirillo, J. D., ... Jagannath, C. (2014). Autophagy enhances the Efficacy of BCG Vaccine. Autophagy, Infection, and the Immune Response. (pp. 245-265). Wiley.
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