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Research Scientist

For almost thirty years Dr. Carmichael has independently developed and implemented over 20 major studies for more than a dozen state and federal agencies. Her work focusing primarily on the criminal and juvenile justice systems has been recognized for its quality, and has influenced policymaking in Texas and nationally.

selected publications
Academic Articles2
  • Marchbanks, M. P., Blake, J. J., Smith, D., Seibert, A. L., Carmichael, D., Booth, E. A., & Fabelo, T. (2014). More than a drop in the bucket: The social and economic costs of dropouts and grade retentions associated with exclusionary discipline. Journal of Applied Research on Children. 5(2),
  • Booth, E. A., Marchbanks, M. P., Carmichael, D., & Fabelo, T (2012). Comparing Campus Discipline Rates: A Multivariate Approach for Identifying Schools with Significantly Different than Expected Exclusionary Discipline Rates. Journal of Applied Research on Children. 3(2),
  • Marchbanks, M. P., Blake, J. J., Booth, E. A., Carmichael, D., Seibert, A., & Fabelo, T. (2015). The Economic Effects of Exclusionary Discipline on Grade Retention and High School Dropout. Losen, D. J. (Eds.), Closing the School Discipline Gap Equitable Remedies for Excessive Exclusion. 59-74. Teachers College Press.
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