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  • Tian, C., Plank, J. S., Hurst, B., & Zhou, R. (2021). Computational Techniques for Investigating Information Theoretic Limits of Information Systems. Information. 12(2), 82-82.
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  • Guo, T., Zhou, R., & Tian, C. (2021). New Results on the Storage-Retrieval Tradeoff in Private Information Retrieval Systems. IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory. 2(1), 403-414.
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  • Makovenko, M., Cheng, M., & Tian, C. (2021). Revisiting the Optimization of Cauchy Reed-Solomon Coding Matrix for Fault-Tolerant Data Storage. IEEE Transactions on Computers. PP(99), 1-1.
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  • Zhou, R., Tian, C., Sun, H., & Liu, T. (2020). Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Codes From MDS-Coded Databases With Minimum Message Size. IEEE Transactions on Information Theory. 66(8), 4904-4916.
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  • Yang, K., Ren, J., Tian, C., Wang, J. i., & Poor, H. V. (2020). Decoding Binary Linear Codes Over Channels With Synchronization Errors. IEEE JOURNAL ON SELECTED AREAS IN COMMUNICATIONS. 38(12), 2853-2863.
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Conference Papers78
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  • Zhou, R., Tian, C., Sun, H., & Plank, J. S. (2021). Two-Level Private Information Retrieval. 00, 1919-1924.
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  • Tian, C., Sun, H., & Chen, J. (2019). Capacity-Achieving Private Information Retrieval Codes with Optimal Message Size and Upload Cost. 2006 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS, VOLS 1-12. 00, 1-6.
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