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The overarching theme of my scholarship is the tension between institutional systems and individual rights. In particular, I am interested in how legal institutions designed to address issues on a case-by-case basis remedy group problems. My scholarship examines this through the lens of access to courts for victims of systemic employment discrimination and the impact of immigration status on the effective enforcement of laws meant to protect immigrants as individuals.

selected publications
Academic Articles8
  • Morrison, A. D. (2022). Framing and Contesting Unauthorized Work. Georgetown Immigration Law Review. 36,
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  • Morrison, A. D (2017). Executive Estoppel, Equitable Enforcement, and Exploited Immigrant Workers. Harvard Law & Policy Review. 11(1), 295-336.
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  • Morrison, A. D (2014). Misconstruing Notice in EEOC Administrative Processing & Conciliation. Nevada Law Journal. 14(3), 785-805.
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  • Morrison, A. D (2013). Duke-ing Out Pattern or Practice after Wal-Mart: The EEOC as Fist. American University Law Review. 63, 87-155.
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  • SHOBEN, E. W., Hebert, L., & Morrison, A (2018). Law at Work Legal Studies for Human Resources. West Academic Publishing.
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  • Morrison, A. D., & Park, A. Y. (2010). Litigating and Resolving Harassment Cases Under the EEOC's Administrative Processes. Heyser, M. (Eds.), 135-152. American Bar Association.
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