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Clinical Associate Professor

Diagnostic and comparative pathology with emphasis in Neuropathology; Pathogenesis of disease in cattle and pigs Diseases of wild boars

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Academic Articles112
  • Lawley, K. S., Rech, R. R., Elenwa, F., Han, G., Perez Gomez, A. A., Amstalden, K., ... Brinkmeyer-Langford, C. L (2021). Host genetic diversity drives variable central nervous system lesion distribution in chronic phase of Theiler’s Murine Encephalomyelitis Virus (TMEV) infection. PLOS ONE. 16(8), e0256370-e0256370.
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  • Rech, R. R., Rissi, D. R., Pierezan, F., Gabriel, A. L., & Barros, C. (2021). Autólise da camada de células granulares do cerebelo em bovinos. 38(4), 1181-1183.
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  • Vail, K. J., Madrigal, R., Washburn, K., Romano, J., Edwards, J. F., Rech, R., & Delgado, J. (2021). Pathology in Practice.. 259(1), 45-48.
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  • Landolfi, J. A., Gaffney, P. M., McManamon, R., Gottdenker, N. L., Ellis, A. E., Rech, R. R., ... Pessier, A. P. (2021). Reproductive tract neoplasia in adult female Asian elephants (Elephas maximus). 58(6), 1131-1141.
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  • Rech, R. R., Rodrigues, A., Rissi, D. R., Riet-Correa, F., & Barros, C. (2007). Poisonous plants affecting the central nervous system (CNS) of cattle in Brazil.. Poisonous plants: global research and solutions. 204-208. CABI.
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Conference Papers1
  • Sprayberry, S., Boeckman, J., Korn, A., Blick, A., Dunmire, K., Rech, R., ... Gill, J. (2018). Development of a Weaned Pig Model of Enterotoxigenic E.coli-induced Environmental Enteropathy. 96, 51-52.
Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Boeckman, J. X., Sprayberry, S., Korn, A., Suchodolski, J. S., Paulk, C., Genovese, K., ... Gill, J. J. (2021). Development and Characterization of a Weaned Pig Model of Shiga Toxin–Producing E. coli-Induced Gastrointestinal Disease.
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Texas A&M University; Vet Med Pathobiology; 4467 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-4467