Dr. Zhu's research areas are production, well stimulation, intelligent well and complex well-performance optimization. She has been a PI for many government-funded projects and JIPs. Dr. Zhu is author of more than 130 technical papers, co-author of the text book Petroleum Production Systems, and co-author of a Society of Petroleum Engineers' (SPE) book, Multilateral Wells. She was a Distinguished Lecturer for SPE in 2012-2013. She has been a committee member and chairperson for many conferences and events with SPE, and is currently an associate editor for the SPE Production and Operation Journal. She is a Distinguished Member of SPE.

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Academic Articles65
  • Sakaida, S., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2021). Completion Effects on Diagnosing Multistage Facture Treatments with Distributed Temperature Sensing. SPE Production & Operations. 36(01), 160-173.
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  • Zhu, D., Hill, D., Ugursal, A., Shuchart, C., Purdy, C., Weissenberger, M., & Uribe, J. (2021). A modified acid system to enhance carbonate matrix acid stimulation: An experimental study.
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  • Pakhotina, I., Sakaida, S., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2020). Diagnosing Multistage Fracture Treatments with Distributed Fiber-Optic Sensors. SPE Production & Operations. 35(04), 0852-0864.
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  • Aljawad, M. S., Schwalbert, M. P., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2020). Optimizing Acid Fracture Design in Calcite Formations: Guidelines Using a Fully Integrated Model. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 161-177.
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Conference Papers211
  • Jin, X., Zhu, D., Hill, A. D., & McDuff, D. (2020). Effects of Heterogeneity in Mineralogy Distribution on Acid-Fracturing Efficiency. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 147-160.
  • Ridner, D., Frick, T., Zhu, D., Hill, A. D., Angeles, R., Vishnumolakala, N., & Shuchart, C. (2020). Influence of Transport Conditions on Optimal Injection Rate for Acid Jetting in Carbonate Reservoirs. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 35(1), 137-146.
  • Ugursal, A., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2019). Development of Acid Fracturing Model for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs. SPE Production & Operations. 34(04), 735-748.
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  • Schwalbert, M. P., Zhu, D., & Hill, A. D. (2019). Skin-Factor Equations for Anisotropic Wormhole Networks and Limited-Entry Completions. SPE PRODUCTION & OPERATIONS. 34(3), 586-602.
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