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  • Sabat, I. E., Botsford Morgan, W., Jones, K. P., & Walker, S. S (2022). Across the pregnancy lifespan: examining workplace outcomes of concealing across stages of pregnancy. Gender in Management: An International Journal. 37(1), 126-143.
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  • Sabat, I. E., Goldberg, C., King, E. B., Dawson, J., & Zhang, L. u (2021). Pygmalion in the pipeline: How managers' perceptions influence racial differences in turnover. Human Resource Management. 60(4), 603-616.
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  • Zhu, Z. e., Tomassetti, A. J., Dalal, R. S., Schrader, S. W., Loo, K., Sabat, I. E., ... Fyffe, S (2021). A Test-Retest Reliability Generalization Meta-Analysis of Judgments Via the Policy-Capturing Technique. Organizational Research Methods. 109442812110115-109442812110115.
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  • Arena, D. F., Jones, K. P., Sabat, I. E., & King, E. B (2021). The Intrapersonal Experience of Pregnancy at Work: an Exploratory Study. Journal of Business and Psychology. 36(1), 85-102.
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  • Dray, K. K., Smith, V., Kostecki, T. P., Sabat, I. E., & Thomson, C. R. (2020). Moving beyond the gender binary: Examining workplace perceptions of nonbinary and transgender employees. Gender, Work & Organization. 27(6), 1181-1191.
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  • Sabat, I. E., Lindsey, A. P., King, E. B., & Jones, K. P. (2016). Understanding and Overcoming Challenges Faced by Working Mothers: A Theoretical and Empirical Review. Research Perspectives on Work and the Transition to Motherhood. 9-31. Springer International Publishing.
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  • Anderson, A. J., Membere, A. A., Sabat, I. E., & King, E. B (2015). Employment Discrimination. The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism. 1-10. John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.
  • Membere, A. A., Ahmad, A. S., Anderson, A. J., LIndsey, A. P., Sabat, I. E., & King, E. B. (2015). Individual, interpersonal, and organizational outcomes of workplace bullying. Paludi, M. A. (Eds.), Bullies in the Workplace Seeing and Stopping Adults Who Abuse Their Co-Workers and Employees. 175-193. Praeger.
  • Sabat, I., Lindsey, A., & King, E (2014). Antecedents, Outcomes, Prevention and Coping Strategies for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Workplace Stress. The Role of Demographics in Occupational Stress and Well Being. 173-198. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
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