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The multi-disciplinary research programs in the Fang Group will focus on the bottom-up synthesis and processing of novel organic polymer materials -- namely, ladder and coplanar polymers, as well as microporous polymer networks -- for the applications on electronics and energy conversion/storage. Our thrust will be to gain profound understanding on the structure-property relationship of these materials at both the molecular and the macroscopic levels by employing the toolboxes of synthetic chemistry and device engineering. With this knowledge, we aim to establish a series of synthetically feasible, high performing, processable organic carbon-based material systems for field effect transistors, light emitting diodes, solar cells, supercapacitors, and batteries, and to be at the forefront in the enhancement of their efficiencies.

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Academic Articles73
Conference Papers7
  • Fang, L., Belowich, M. E., Olson, M. A., Grzybowski, B. A., & Stoddart, J. F. (2010). Harnessing mechanical energy from artificial muscle-like materials. 47-48.
  • Coskun, A., Grzybowski, B. A., Stoddart, J. F., A Olson, M., Fang, L., Klajn, R., & Wesson, P. J. (2010). Molecular-mechanical switching at the nanoparticle-solvent interface. 116-117.
  • Fang, L., Coskun, A., Klajn, R., Grzybowski, B. A., & Stoddart, J. F. (2010). Template-directed nanoparticulate assemblies. 5-6.
  • Zheng, Y. B., Yang, Y. W., Jensen, L., Fang, L., Juluri, B. K., Weiss, P. S., Stoddart, J. F., & Huang, T. J. (2009). A nanoplasmonic switch based on molecular machines. 2160-2163.
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  • Zheng, Y. B., Yang, Y. W., Jensen, L., Fang, L., Juluri, B. K., Flood, A. H., ... Huang, T. J. (2009). A plasmonic switch based on molecular machine-Au nanodisk complexes. 2005 Conference on Lasers & Electro-Optics (CLEO), Vols 1-3.
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