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  • Rhodes, E. C., Angerer, J. P., Fox, W. E., & McAlister, J. R (2021). Woody Vegetation Cover, Attrition, and Patch Metrics over Eight Decades in Central Texas, United States. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 78, 54-66.
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  • Tolleson, D. R., Rhodes, E. C., Malambo, L., Angerer, J. P., Redden, R. R., Treadwell, M. L., & Popescu, S. C (2019). Old School and High Tech: A Comparison of Methods to Quantify Ashe Juniper Biomass as Fuel or Forage. Rangelands. 41(4), 159-168.
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  • Berg, M. D., Wilcox, B. P., Angerer, J. P., Rhodes, E. C., & Fox, W. E (2016). Deciphering rangeland transformation—complex dynamics obscure interpretations of woody plant encroachment. Landscape Ecology. 31(10), 2433-2444.
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  • Berg, M. D., Popescu, S. C., Wilcox, B. P., Angerer, J. P., Rhodes, E. C., McAlister, J., & Fox, W. E (2016). Small farm ponds: overlooked features with important impacts on watershed sediment transport. JAWRA Journal of the American Water Resources Association. 52(1), 67-76.
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  • Berg, M. D., Sorice, M. G., Wilcox, B. P., Angerer, J. P., Rhodes, E. C., & Fox, W. E (2015). Demographic Changes Drive Woody Plant Cover Trends—An Example from the Great Plains. Rangeland Ecology & Management. 68(4), 315-321.
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  • Bates, J., Rhodes, E. d., Davies, K., & Sharp, R (2008). Grazing after fire in the sagebrush-steppe. 9-18.
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  • Rhodes, E., Bates, J. D., & Sharp, R. N (2008). Fire effects on cover and forb dietary resources of sage-grouse habitat. 53-63.
  • Bates, J., Rhodes, E., Davies, K. W., & Sharp, R. N (2008). Grazing after fire in sagebrush rangeland. 32-41.
  • Davies, K., Nafus, A., Bates, J., Svejcar, A., Sheley, R., Johnson, D., ... Rhodes, E (2008). Sagebrush steppe - research progress report 2007.
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